Kids for a Better Future‚Äôs 2015 Walkathon Supported Crisis Text Line

Carolyn Koos, PhD, former chief administrator and principal at Deer Park CCSD, possesses more than 15 years of experience as an educational administrator. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated a strong commitment to children and has helped several schools increase their overall student achievement. Dr. Carolyn Koos is also committed to her community and supports a number of organizations and events such as the Kids for a Better Future walkathon.

A nonprofit organization focused on supporting and advocating for children, Kids for a Better Future (KBF) selects a different organization to support every year. Money is raised for the chosen organization through a variety of events, including walkathons. This year, in honor of a 16-year-old who took his own life, KBF focused its support on Crisis Text Line. Crisis Text Line is a 24/7 emotional support text line that is available to teenagers who are in crisis. The support provided to teenagers via text is free and KBF hopes that the availability of the line will prevent tragedies in the future.

KBF raised money to support Crisis Text Line through its 8th Annual Walkathon, held in April. Participants were asked to get sponsored by friends, family, and other community members. The goal for each walker was to raise at least $100 for the cause. To increase the number of people getting sponsored, participants were also encouraged to ask other people to walk as well.


When to Visit Italy

Dr. Carolyn Koos is an educational administrator with years of experience, including being chief administrator and principal of Marquette Academy in Iowa and five years as chief administrator and principal of Deer Park CCSD in Illinois. She received a Ph.D. from Illinois State University. In her free time, Dr. Carolyn Koos enjoys traveling and hopes to visit Italy soon.

Italy has long been a popular destination for world travelers. The country offers fascinating history, gorgeous art, and delectable cuisine. However, many travelers are unsure when to book their trips. For travelers looking to make the most of their budget, airline fares are lowest between mid-September and March (with an increase around Christmas). Peak tourist season is from May through July, with higher hotel prices as well as longer lines at popular sites.

If weather is a concern, travelers should be aware that August tends to be the hottest month of the year, and many cities do not include air conditioning. The best months are from April to June and September to October, when there is little precipitation and comfortable daytime temperatures.

The New Jersey School Board Association Workshop 2015

Carolyn Koos, PhD, former chief administrator and principal of Deer Park CCSD, has dedicated her career to helping children achieve greater success through education. Among other professional affiliations, Dr. Carolyn Koos enjoys membership with the New Jersey School Board Association (NJSBA).

The NJSBA recently announced its Workshop 2015, which carries the theme Empowering the 21st Century Student. Taking place at the Atlantic City Convention Center, the three-day event starts October 27. Workshop 2015 will feature a wide range of training sessions on topics from sustainability to school law. Additionally, attendees will have the chance to visit several hundred exhibits of educational product innovations and technologies. The displays and the schedule of presentations will be available for download on the NJSBA Workshop mobile application designed for both Apple and Android users.

Last year, 7,500 directors, superintendents, and other school officials representing all 21 New Jersey counties attended the workshop. For registration information, visit

Popular German Foods

A former chief administrator for Illinois school systems, Carolyn Koos, PhD, has been working in education for more than 15 years. Outside of her career, Dr. Carolyn Koos enjoys cooking German food.

Although many people may not think of Germany as a culinary powerhouse, German food is surprisingly diverse. Following are just a few of the more popular German foods that you can try.

Apfelstrudel: Consisting of pastry filled with a mixture of apples, cinnamon, sugar, and raisins, apfelstrudel, or apple strudel, has been popular in Germany since the 18th century. It has several layers to it because the pastry is rolled around the filling and is typically served as warm slices topped with powdered sugar.

Wurst: Wurst, or sausage, is the food that is perhaps most often associated with Germany. Wurst comes in a wide range of types, from currywurst, sausages topped with curry, to weisswurst, a white sausage that is typically peeled and eaten with sweet mustard.

Kartoffelpuffer: Frequently found during winter in outdoor markets throughout Germany, kartoffelpuffer is a potato pancake that is fried in a shallow pan. The potatoes used for the dish are either ground or grated and mixed with onion, egg, flour, and other seasonings. Kartoffelpuffer is eaten as either as a side dish for meat or a complement to a fruit plate.

Eintopf: Originally developed as a way of using leftovers, eintopf is a combination of meat and vegetables cooked in a pot as a type of stew. It is also very popular during winter in Germany, and it is served both in restaurants and at home.

Run with Carl Event in Iowa Raises Scholarship Funds

A former chief administrator and principal of the Deer Park CCSD No. 82 in Ottawa, Illinois, Carolyn Koos, Ph.D., developed the curriculum, instruction and assessment mapping, budgeting, strategic planning, and board policy documents for the school. She dedicated herself to students by participating on the board of a special education cooperative, LEASE and a chief administration activist legislative group, VOICE. She served five years in this role, and was involved in passing a contentious $1.4 million life-and-safety bond. Deeply involved in her community, Dr. Carolyn Koos spends her downtime assisting numerous charitable endeavors, one of which is the Run with Carl, held every Labor Day.

As the primary means for raising money for the Carl D. Schillig Memorial Fund, the Run with Carl began in 1995. Carl Schillig, 15, was a student at Pleasant Valley High School who died in a car-pedestrian accident on September 17, 1994. Established by his family, the memorial fund provides college scholarships to graduates of the Pleasant Valley and Bettendorf high schools. Each recipient receives a $4,000 scholarship over four years.

Participants in the Run with Carl can partake in a .5-mile or 1-mile fun run, five-mile run, or a 5K run/walk. All of these events take place in Bettendorf, Iowa, and immediately following the race, participants can enjoy refreshments and food. Male and female winners of the five-mile run and 5K run/walk as well as the top finishers in each age category receive awards.