About Carolyn Koos

Throughout her career as a school principal and chief administrator, Dr. Carolyn Koos has demonstrated a commitment to best practices for top student achievement and goal-oriented leadership style. She entered the field as chief administrator of Marquette Academy in Davenport, Iowa, where she created and implemented a long-term vision while bringing in professional development such as the Ruby Payne Framework for Understanding Poverty. Since that time, Dr. Koos has gone on to serve in principal and chief administrative roles at both PK-8 public and Catholic schools. She most recently served in such a role in the Deer Park School District of Illinois, where she developed a number of organizational, school management, and curriculum initiatives. Under her leadership, Deer Park was in the top 10% in Illinois for student achievement.

By the end of her five-year tenure in Deer Park, Dr. Koos had successfully developed a full preschool program and new integrated general curriculum aligning with assessments, hosted staff development programs such as types of learning strategies, Discovery Learning assessments, and set long-term goals for the district board. Also a past alderman of the Bettendorf, Iowa, City Council and a participant on several state-level school board associations, Dr. Koos has earned a number of awards and honors for her service to the community. She stands out as a popular invited presenter of professional development seminars for educators and the community. She holds two master degrees in educational administration and holds a Ph.D. in education administration from Illinois State University.


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